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Hi there!! My name is Matlyn May Peden!

People often refer to me as the friendly, outgoing, and funny girl who likes to bring out the positivity in every situation. I grew up in Central California (559 baby, woo!) and now I’m living in Sanger, CA with my husband who I met in college on the swim team. Growing up in a small town where everyone knew everyone, I adapted to making everyone my friend! I love seeing familiar faces and making connections anywhere I go. I love serving the world by helping those in love feel seen and understood while taking photos. It is my goal to make them feel authentic and genuine when they are in front of the camera.

The things I am passionate about in life are God first and foremost, my family, relationships, being creative and FOOD! Have I mentioned how much I love Chick-fil-A?! I photograph the warmth in a relationship and the feelings you get when you first had a crush on them. You know those butterflies you get when you see them? Yeah, my goa! is to capture those feelings so when you look back, you will remember how you felt during this time. I inspire people to be themselves by creating an upbeat experience so they feel appreciated and loved.

California's cental valley based
wedding photographer!

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Nashville, Tennessee

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I'm the girl with a planner, a yearly calendar, and a monthly calendar. I love being prepared and feeling confident going into the day. I make to do lists and enjoy crossing things off. You could say I am a Type A personality who loves their handwritten notes and calendars.

I feel the more organized a wedding, the smoother it will go. I love taking people's stress away by having the right answers just when they need them or even before they need them.

I love being organized

As comfortable as I am with my comfort zone, I still love traveling and trying new things. I hope to travel the world and see what this beautiful Earth has to offer. I have not been out of the country yet but that is my dream! There is something special about seeing new things and being able to appreciate God's beautiful creations.

My dream travel would be to Greece with my husband. I feel like there's so much history and plenty of beautiful beaches. I would also love to go somewhere that was tropical, so if you have any suggestions hit me up! 

Dream to travel

Being an ex-student athlete, I have fallen out of the routine of exercise and being active. However, now I get to choose the way I am active! I love taking my dog on walks, runs, and bike rides. We go on hikes when we can and to the beach as often as possible. I believe it is important to move your body a little bit everyday! Am always active? No. But I try to be! Let me know if you need an accountability partner because I'm sure I need one too.

love being active

To sum me up... I feel like the adventurous coach potato does a pretty great job. As much as I love traveling and going on adventures, I also love sitting at home with my husband and watching tv shows and movies. We could binge watch a series in no time. haha

I feel happy when I'm on the couch just as much as when I'm adventuring a national park. I understand there's nothing more contradicting about someone who loves trying new things but also doesn't like going places. But I'm sure there's a lot more people out there that are just like me!

adventurous couch potato

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